Accepting that everyone is a Bully? Power & Sacrifice

The chances are that you are and arent looking properly:

Inaction is joining in, as you are accepting the rewards.  In that you are passively allowing yourself to be associated with the group that is not being bullied, & being distanced from the bullied ‘group/’ which is certainly complicit from their direction on their newly constructed island.

Why does a group need to Bully?

When they feel stressed/pressured/in danger/scared & have no connection.

A group with no reason or common relationship for being is unsettling/scary as we need to specify a groups constraints & relationship.

Creating a nearly identical group with a label seems to solve the problem well, as it is almost the same size too.

The scared may spot a member that doesnt match the others so closely, ie stands apart, and they arent so scared of in this situation.

By not being them, everyone has somthing in common, and their group has a definition, and so, they relax, by thrwing one under the bus.

We learn how to blend in early on, because to stand out most often ends up in being sacrificed to strengthen a group.

Sacrifice! The ultimate Bullying!

The preist is okay if they control it, and safe, and similar with say, the inquisition in a way.








Its us that didnt vote Brexit & Trump who may be deluded???


We are in an incredibly difficult situation to surmount!!

You see, say an unpleasant ex-murderer who killed an employee of his investing company, for not making large enough profits, goes for election against a vanilla politician, and the world watch. We find we don’t like him.
But its us who can and will be critical. The voters have to decide more from a perspective of what is best for the country, weighing up all factors, but weighting them differently. They will be unhappy about bits, but still may see the answer very differently from us.

Now, observers such as us and any who voted for vanilla, believe that we are morally superior, and see anyone who voted for the unpleasant candidate as unpleasant people, maybe stupid too. They didn’t see the situation as we did. If no vote had occurred, or no one voted for him, then all people are the same. It takes people to vote for him to raise us up above them. We are brighter, more moral, and that’s because there was 1 correct answer, ours, as theirs was wrong, lesser, less intelligent, less moral. We have entered a state of righteousness that is artificial. It doesn’t exist without others being judged as wrong and flawed.
We now are unwilling to consider that we may have picked differently if we were voting. We will not be able to consider that some analysed every situation, every route forward, future states and options etc. And saw that that choice was much better for the country and all of our futures, and picked him still. Our new morality is dependent on his voters being immoral and stupid.
We are on top. Why look up? no one can be there, right?
Would we find another explanation if we did look up? They shouldnt be up there. They are just deluded, perhaps?
We are stuck in our own trap!  And it applies to all,  The BBC find the objectionable people it only believes exist.  It’s all anti-immigrant.  Proud racists are easy to find,  when they want to be, and are all searched for.

Now Brexit voters  know hiding is wise, because, they will never persuade anyone they are something that destroys the moral perch of whoever interviews them.  You are pretending it’s about other matters, but its immigration really.  You are fighting  war you can’t win.   Never has news a society been in such a bubble of fiction.

Dont assume you wouldnt have voted for Trump

Candidate a: Trump
Candidate b: Clinton

Clinton:- vanilla, nothing positive that stands out much but better vanilla than worse, so a tool to prevent candidate a.
the result depends on candidate a being seen as better or worse than vanilla(no change) in some way

So, it almost becomes: vote for Trump, or vote against Trump.
We can rule Clinton out, pretty much:-


Choice: Trump, yes or no?

you have:-
group a, american voters
group b, rest of world

you have:-
group 1, those that are instantly taken with what the rest of us see as racist, sexist, or otherwise objectionable views.

group 2, the remaining majority, who see those things as objectionable, and cant consider voting that way.

Effect 1: There is a circular effect, where the media obviously interview supporters, they are seen by us as stupid, morons, as we expect from supporters of such ignorant and distasteful views from a not very bright person, and our views are reinforced, the media highlight this more and more and so on

Mode 1: judging candidates normally.
Mode 2: judging candidates to vote for.

state a: To start with and for considerably long, group a and b are both in mode 1
State b: group a start entering mode 2 as time progresses.

Effect 2: as time goes on, Americans start to ask themselves a different question to the rest of us, as they enter state b

thinking of early america timeline, and rest of world:-

what does he say that seems at all positive?
why would anyone support someone like that?

close to election:-

its the economy, stupid!?
promote business, and the economy, hopefully
down to earth, remove washington money leakages, make leaner

will his bad ideas get traction anyway?
will a wall really happen anyway?
how much damage can he do in his time anyway?
the bad stuff will be undone by his successor.
nothing really changes anyway,

do nothing, or make changes, and the successful can be kept,
failures removed. It seems better than dont ‘experiment’ at all.
Even if you dont consider him the safest business man, perhaps.

How HTC UK Honour Guarantees


One day, my 7 month old HTC  one prime phone’s backlight started to go.  It flickered a little when touching the screen, and finally went.  If you got the screen at a perfect angle to a bright light and looked very closely, you could see that it was working, just not lit up and so completely black for all but those who didnt know how to angle it correctly and get close and strain hard.  Whilst waiting to send it to HTC UK for repair, and not being used, the battery died .  I sent it back.


Soon after, they had reached a conclusion.  The diagnosis was a list of  20 or more parts, in fact every single part to make a new phone, and a bill for approximately  what i paid to buy it.     It said that the damage wasnt covered by the warranty.  Did they realise it was almost new ? .

Info Received:-

Dear James Cook

Our initial assessment of your device indicates that the repair work required is caused by damage that isn’t covered by warranty. Unfortunately, this means we must charge you for the repair.

We have prepared a quote for you which you can view, accept and pay for at………

(see below instead)

If you decide not to complete this repair, your device will be returned to you following receipt of payment for the administration and shipping costs incurred. You may use the same link as above to arrange this.

Many thanks,
HTC Customer Care


Repair Description

  • FRU-SUB ASSY,Dark Gunmetal,LCD-OCA+Touch Window,GENERIC,LGIT_LOT (CG4),w/Bezel,HIAR
  • zam. 36H01982-00M; Speaker,PANASONIC,EAS1S191K
  • zam. 36H01117-00M lub używać 76H0C598-00M + 76H0C770-00M, Speaker,AAC ELECTRONICS,DMSP0815D01ASM-FPC-01
  • SIM Tray,gun metal
  • SD tray,gun metal
  • Rigid-Flex Board ASSY,Lower Board
  • Wymagane potwierdzenie LIDERA zam. 35H00236-01M, BATTERY_LI-POLYMER,2840mAh,3.83V,FORMOSA,LG CHEMICAL,ICP326493A1
  • FRU,Main Board,HTC,English-WWE,GENERIC,WEND,Gunmetal gray,Bootloader Lock,Generic Color,DEF00,w/o SIM Lock,HIMAR_ML#UHL-C9#EMEA
  • EMI Gasket,LCM FPC gasket combine absorber
  • PCBA,Upper BD,w/ NFC PN547,w/o MicroP
  • FPC ASSY,SIM FPC,w/o MicroP
  • FPC ASSY,Main FPC,w/o MicroP
  • FPC Antenna Pre-Assy,MURATA,FLANBPA-0298
  • FPC ASSY,Micro SD,w/o MicroP
  • Camera,LITEON,4Mpixel,9598A2,OV4688,FF,4BF403P1A
  • Camera,PRIMAX,13Mpixel,5009C27,IMX-214,AF,WD07H
  • Sponge,Vibrator fixing,SRS
  • Adhesive-Double Tape,Vibrator Fixed,Adhesive
  • Mylar,vibrator_pad_protect
  • Vibrator,JINLONG,Z4SL2B1922795
  • Cable,HIROSE,XFL-2LP-044N2TS-A-100,8HT,Black,w/o CE Label
  • Cable,HIROSE,XFL-2LP-044N2TS-A-100,8HT,Black,w/o CE Label
  • Cable,HIROSE,XFL-2LP9-032H2TS-A-23HT,Dark Gray,w/o CE Label,GPS
  • Cable,HIROSE,XFL-2LP9-032H1TS-A-16,5HT,White,w/o CE Label
  • Labor
  • Shipping
  • Tax

Please bill me for the full repair

I was amazed.  What kind of diagnosis was this, that wrote it off with no explanation, and effectively blamed me??

They must list some parts, but all is the most unspecific choice.

They listed every part, even the SIM &SD drawers i was asked to retain.

Its so specifically unspecific and vague whilst specifically careful not to be slighly specific about anything that could lead anywhere but maximal vaguity.

.No parts isnt an option, and anything less than every part may be less vague than fully, and restrictive , as you will see., but its so perfectly inspecific that it isnt a random anomaly.

HTC Repair in the UK is outsourced by HTC UK, so support and repair are not the same company.   This is where they know that motivation pressures differ from those of them affecting  keeping internal.  Of course, other aspects may be favourable to them.

So no diagnosis but that, no reason, but not covered by warranty they are sure about then??  although no reason why??  hmmm

So started my  alls & messages to HTC UK Suport:-

They had very little & seemed asmuch in the dark aß me.   They couldnt explain it, but offered me what little they had that i didnt, except for any test-rig report.

They said that they had a standardd image that they take when raken back cover off, but didnt seem to see how helpful it would be…..

I accepted the offer.  This is what i got, the  lack of knowledge was almost in sync now, between us….

Good Day James,

Thank you for contacting HTC Customer Care Support.

Kindly check the attached photo that was provided by the repair center as per your request.

If you need Any Further assistance, kindly call us on 442036848000 or 448458900079
Monday to Saturday from 9:00 Am to 6:00 Pm



Untitled (2)

 so, half an image with a red box that covers all the phone where components are, except a thin strip on the bottom left.  Vague?

seeing as the box i s mising its bottom, it is almost fully vague, yet half sent so as to leave options open.   basically….whaaaat?

Repair and Reality

If repair is outsourced, how do HTC know what they do?

  • Each repair case is in a database, shared between repair and support
  • The phones details, customer description of problem are entered by support
  • Repair take standard photos, ie external?, pop back off , & are supposed to take pictures of any obvious damage too
  • repair put it on a testrig, and the results go into the file

Now, while the backs off, repair decide what to do to fix it, how long it will take, what parts are needed, what HTC know, and finally how profitable the time is fixing plus extras.

Do they now want to fix it?

The unknown is not desirable.
You see, the fix ideally happens now.

Once started, they are commited after a point. ie, when tape etc is removed. So know if profitable fix 1st, so know time.  if horrid long  job,

Is there obvious damage that shows its users fault that HTC will see, or test report proof that means  it cant be fixed now.  (which is undesirable )….OR,…. if they didnt want to fix it, as can they find anything to show user fault,( which is desirable)?



They took the back off, tested it, then kept going as far as they could.   But still beliēved they had the same problem.    mainboard, despite no test proo

test reults. …. nil,  maybe battery

glue ball model

cheaper phone….time to fix at rate required means fast fix only

no replace main board , …..  too long….so,

so, write off for  all but simple






ignore below……

work in progrresss




If you didnt want to fix it, theres no better way to frame blame me without any justification.

This was the start of many calls, messages, e-mails and tweets to get nowhere fast.

Initially, it seemed there was no diagnosis, just more explanation that amounted to damage internally not guaranteed.

Finally, after weeks, and my repair being case ‘escalated ‘ they said liquid damage, observed on external inspection.    This was crazy.

I had it sent back, without paying for ‘repair’.

It was  immaculate still, but with the back hanging off and screws missing.

It had had the back taken off, and very little else in terms of taking it apart, obvious from the fact tape hadn’t been touched much that needed removing to strip it further..   They hadnt a clue what was wrong and hadnt bothered to look very far,  finally realising  liquid damage was a nice reason to use for not doing so, when pushed by me at a later date……….

It doesnt add up in so many ways…….

After taking the back off and taking a photo of the inside for the repair file(which is standard procedure for repair jobs with them it seems), they possibly did no more  or may have tried to power it up by bypassing the battery, finding that nothing appears on the screen too, decided anything ould be broken, and to find out wat would be a nightmare of swapping many parts potentially.  So they wrote it off.    And they blamed me despite knowing why.  Then because i kept challenging their non-diagnosis, they were finally forced to fit one to the situation, and liquid damage was a good reason that they perhaps know works on most people and can fit a write off scenario. Check mate, perhaps , but only then was I told that this was as far as i could go.  The case had been escalated, twice and referred to seniors and now, after many many explanations, none amounting to more than typical explain and sound confident and nothing can seem like something to the public, yet, im not, ive been a programmer for 30 years, i hear it all the time.  Anyway, now, and only now, im told liquid damage and its the end of the line, so i must decide to pay for a new phone or have it returned or let them dispose of it.  Now they offer 15% off another phone, or free return unfixed, rather than just under 30pounds before.   So, i have a reason, i am not getting further, and, i have incentive too, decide now.  This ‘final stage’ of support gives me a diagnosis that is supposedly the diagnosis in the first place, its just been explained now, apparently is the case they can only really be making, without saying it. Otherwise, nothing makes sense, which it now doesnt anyway.   Liquid damage observed from an external inspection?  It didnt even require opening it was that obvious?  Id like to know how it took so long to explain something they absolutely must have known before taking it apart.  As once apart, the case is a shell with holes that cannot display liquid damage, so, that leaves the usb port and card drawers and the screen.    The port and card slots and screen are now being internally inspected, so, to suggest these mens before opening, and the cover cannot yield anything whilst open as it can’t be damaged or show signs alone.  So, this diagnosis was after stripping a little, etc and putting together, which is preposterous, or before opening, and so why not mentioned earlier?  It is impossible to argue anything other than liquid damage observed before opening, in  card slots s or usb port or under screen….or a logic bombshell unwinds, that i wont go into further.   The diagnosis was just  a problem of miscommunication that i should have heard way before is all they can argue.

This is the beginning of the end…..


(to be explained further)

I have been a supporter & fan of HTC since they made phones for others, when they seemed to always be ahead of the game, after falling in love with my old Orange SPV C500 Smartphone, before smartphones were a thing, and so I have been through all of these HTC phones to date:-

orange_spv_c500O2 XDA II (HTC) 2003

Orange SPV C500 (HTC) 2004

HTC Wildfire 2010

HTC One S 2012

HTC One M7 2013

HTC One M8 2015

HTC One M9 Prime 2016

I really liked my M8, but when it was stolen I had to buy the M9 Prime rather than buy the latest HTC again, the HTC 10, which was a shame as it felt like id finally swapped my phone for something half the price, but i was broke at the time, and it was half a HTC 10’s price.

Within 6 months, this phone had broken, my 1st HTC to ever break.

Initial fault

1JVyUmSTqCSAiVq3.hugeOne day my HTC M9 screen backlight failed, making it almost impossible to see anything on the screen or use the phone. It came back but would flicker on and off if the phone was tapped, and went again a day later. As i was preparing to send it to HTC, it was unused for a couple of weeks. When i went to send it, the phone appeared as if the battery was dead. It appeared to have no power at all, and was impossible to charge. I sent it off, under its 1 year guarantee still.

Continue reading “How HTC UK Honour Guarantees”

ai dont read

backwards, and out of sequence

most obvious answer is wrong

compress, expect, predict

leading & expectation seperation

time & space

we represent things with a set of imperfect descriptions that allow us to do amazing things. we have concepts that are basically definitions of the average expected case, and bounds of where the definition becomes out of normal expectations. we then use a definition and where the definition’s mean doesn’t align, we use another concept to explain this variation. Maybe another concept is needed too, or maybe a concept needs a further concept to explain it. When our thing is defined, this new description is a concept that we can draw on again to describe something else similar, starting in a simple way again, with one definition that can be expanded upon. So, a rectangle is a stretched square, a rugby ball, a stretched ball, a bungalow, a short house. now, we have more comprehensive definitions for bungalows etc, because we have built upon them. they reach into many areas. a concept is a bookmark, that strengthens. if we get too carried away in deep thought, we often cant get back to the start or remémber how we got there, yet we know the thought process on the way made sense and our final eureka moment has gone as we try to find our old path. the route was doomed to disappear, we needed markers on the way, but we didnt know we did until we knew it led somewhere, but, if its an area of repeated interest then our own concepts may be the route to deeper and deeper discovery. simple concepts/definitions without assumption, make a note, jump in deeper next time.

try to use 1 concept if possible and a modifier concept or more, always favouring 1 concept over more. a good concept is has 1 or 2 root definitions/concepts, less in exchange for child modifiers. concepts used together at any level should be far apart in terms of connection to each other anywhere else. consider their combined use as a pseudo concept. are they independent? if we stretch and taper, well, the 2 are spatial modifiers, that may need to

concept a

mod 1-main-mod2

mod1,mod2=concépt p12


p12-submod2. =. ?

circle diagram of mod1,2,main and that has mod

concept descriptors….ie. alive,3d,spacial,order,rule,etc

concept xxxx=currént main concwpts to keep state links to


The Non-Populism Delusion

Wiki:- A factor traditionally held to diminish the value of “Populism” as a category has been that, as Margaret Canovan notes in her 1981 study Populism, Populists rarely call themselves “Populists” and usually reject the term when it is applied to them.

So, it is Populist if we didn’t agree with it, and anything described as Populist that I voted for is incorrectly described.   Sounds familiar?

The real common thread that the label of #Populism often causes people to miss, is that of perceived modern democratic deficit, that of a need of better democracy, or rather one that acts as it should and sees the public in the correct way.  This is a growing requirement all the time and is now starting to make a significant change to national elections and views.  Politicians views do not gel with public requirements.  They live in a world where they are exposed to the public enough for people to be able to get a very good view of their philosophies and their psychologies.  We have reached a tipping point where the old politicians rules of avoidance and denial can be seen as not understanding their place as public employees.  Sure, the media try to trip them up, but when the questions are valid and the answers not, it becomes a problem.

The problem is that 1st we need to separate the term into its 2 parts: Being popular/more favoured purely in terms of votes received; and something akin to a craze or trend.
In the 2nd case, if something is a trend or craze, that means that it is explained without needing individual reasoning or argument. If something is popular, it is popular for a reason which we look to identify, but if it is populist, then we are saying that its somewhat without reason apart from just what everyone else is doing. So when we say something is populist, we can mean that it is without any reason or argument that can be made, except trend, but maybe we could mean that it is a little popular too, in which case there may have been some reason why it was popular. Basically, whatever is heavily voted for, whether it wins or loses, is going to be popular, but we don’t say populist, so we really mean the populist end of the popular/populist scope of populist.

It’s rather final as a term, because it allows us to believe that it has little logic driving its behaviour.

Then if the choice with logic isn’t that choice, its likely to be the opposite choice. So the very definition seems to add validity, wisdom, and balance to any opposing argument.

Anyone wishing to argue otherwise, is also arguing that your opinion isn’t the voice of reason that it so conveniently seemed to have become.

#Populism as we mean now, is a psychological trap, probably a sign of missing the real reason.
#Populism is a word allowing you to stroke your own ego. It often means that it had no valid reason except pure fashion, so i picked correctly.
#Populism is so psychologically convenient when not agreeing but of course sense prevailed when you do agree. either way, youre voice of reason!

I voted, but lost, but should have won.
Populism suggests no other real justification.
I voted but the populists won, I tried to save us, despite the illogical mob behaviour prevailing for no real reason, except that of hyping themselves up into a frenzy. if no reason, then i must have picked correctly. so it makes me correct by its use, correct and the voice moral reason despite the foolish masses.

It is a horrendously dangerous term, and causes any attempt to find reason have low expectations initially, and so the populists end up all being racist, or thick, or both, despite the fact that it’s probably not the case at all, and that one or 2 bad apples happened to tar a whole argument because you were already only looking to increase the power of your position by finding a worse reason than that of you original populism reason, which was bad enough in the first place.

4 Referendum Lessons from Brexit

originally posted here on- Jun 26, 2016 4:07 PM

The lessons to be learned

  • Poll created 50:50 Oscillation, as people change minds as they see their vote as more powerful and feel more empowered, and responsible for the outcome. Often these swinging voters see their vote as a sign of protest but worry about protesting too much and maybe causing change by winning, thus fixing a problem that means winning was the wrong choice, ie many oscillatory patterns.
  • Stay as is always have a lower turn out. More likely to see voting as less important.
  • Threats of consequences often have the opposite to intended effect, making people do exactly that thing.
  • Talk of preventing a further referenum is dangerous – causes people to believe they will never get another chance and so the question becomes “Remain the same forever or change now

The 50% Opinion Poll Effect

Camerons no 2nd referendum meant last chance?

A little love could have prevented Brexit

Lessons learned from Brexit

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