Referendums undemocratic

Referendums are undemocratic in several ways that should be addressed before another occurs

They need support to operate fairly

Support of facts, Support of intrinsic bias towards change, Careful balance when repeated that works if change is voted to keep them going afterwards for chance to go back.   This is only necessary if more than one referendum occurs, as then  probability breaks down causing complete failure by inevitable change.

political should be accompanied by logical fact, huge vacuum of knowledge shown by false reasoning for a choice based on premises that couldn’t occur, ie reasons for leaving based on an idea that undoing back to common market and kep that whilst saving all our contributions and controlling borders. A failure of vote stay was to explain what it all meant

referendums are undemocratic in several ways that should be addressed before another

Are people more likely not to vote if the vote would be to stay as is? definitely

so it follows that change will always get more voters to vote than stay same.

how to get a fair balance? well mandatory voting like Aus would work.

there intrinsically feels less need to vote to keep the same, it feels stable, and i feel less responsible for an outcome of the same than someone who votes change. If a public doesn’t feel at least as powerful as they are then they will tend towards not voting. It’s arguable that it is a position that naturally reduces this feeling
stay as is more likely to be under represented, as stay as is will stay as is without my effort to keep no change and cause nothing. a referendum should be mandatory for those on the electoral register and other sane ppl from now, Aus model. Only fair way.

it is arguable that minority choosers really get a chance to increase hugely in refs, as a vote is not going to be lost

absolute failures of will can result from bad refs

referendums that repeat must repeat both outcomes or not at all, or made to be opposite to undo.
as probability favours inevitable change, hence unfair

referendums need supporting conditions to be fair:- equal voter motivation, logical result inf, guaranteed negative repeatability for repeated ones or no repeat………..decided beforehand


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