What logically all UK public want from Brexit

Logic you can’t argue with surely?

1.  Whether for or against nobody can say they don’t want the best for the UK from leaving Europe.

2.  It would be naive to think the majority of people didn’t like some of what the EU gave us.

3.  It would probably also be naive to think a majority of people didn’t dislike other aspects of the EU.

4.  To leave Europe and revert to a pre-Europe state would remove the unfavourable aspects of the EU but also the favoured. This would effectively be improving the UK by removing the unpleasant bits, whilst worsen it by removing the good bits, effectively diluting at least some of the improvements. This is illogical to anyone who doesn’t want the UK to make the most of what must be seen as an opportunity if it is inevitable, which it seems it is.

5.  When leaving Europe, it thus makes sense to find out what the public rate as the most positive aspects and attempt to keep/replicate these with sensible thought as to achieving these.


A case in mind would be large projects and regeneration projects around the country, which seemed very positive and liked by most.

It seems logical to make this break into an opportunity to fix the broken and improve the good, to make us attractive to business, and modern thinking, to make us shine. We would want to trade with Europe and others easily without having our own barriers, and maybe, just maybe countries would want what they have with Europe but without the unnecessary red-tape, a Europe light, but now I digress.




By Jim Cook of UK ThinkTank .com


Author: A U.K. Think Tank

My Blog and not to be taken as UKThinkTank.co.uk's official opinions

4 thoughts on “What logically all UK public want from Brexit”

  1. Really interesting read. I would definitely agree with you on the points that both the good bits and the bad bits of being in the EU will be gone, but I disagree that it will dilute the effect on the UK. I think that it would be such a shock to be outside the EU that we won’t be ready to fend for ourselves. Interesting read tho!

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    1. Thankyou. Something I have noticed and understand is that older people remember how things were in the early days of the EU when everyone was itching to join. They have seen that we got on in a similar way before, but the younger see EU as normal, and the opposite as the unknown and more unpredictable………I agree, that there will be a shock, what I find amazing is that MEPs actually seem worried about others leaving, and rather than saying best of luck to us, they have made the EU scary……….my reasons were that if it was needed 20 years ago and now not so great as it seemed then, that the next chance to get out may be too late, that others may leave us in there as it collapses……I want the EU to succeed, but since Brexit, i worry more about its stability than ours, and its so avoidable. If it was come and go, no problem, then it would be fine, but their reaction is very bad in that it is totally the wrong way to look unworried……anyway, thankyou…….I often throw ideas about as i toil with them myself

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      1. Yes fair enough! I agree, the EU has become quite unstable but I think this sudden lurch to right-wing politics (Brexit, Trump) will hopefully only be an anomaly… All eyes are probably on France now to see if Marine Le Pen will become president!

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