Theresa’s time is short, even if she succeeds, because she is missing the real message, and just addressing Brexit. Trump, and the EU have similar problems.

The next year in the U.K. will not be as Theresa may predicts, infact, there are a number of what seem unlikely things that will happen if some basic remedies are not applied, of which, none will as they are not anything to do with the perceived current political situation.  Essentially the Trump win has put the UK government under greater expectations, that we wanted more than Brexit, and I doubt any government has a long life if it doesnt do a few simple things.  The UK just doesnt get it at all.
The next 2 years in the U.S.A. depend on factors noone has even considered too.
The 2 countries fates are intertwined, not in terms of trade, but in terms of accelerants for these 2 counties futures, based on a kind of social perception of factors not even understood or imagined by either country, small, easily mitigated factors, but factors that will not be considered, as they are new, never considered or imagined before factors, that are key to both situations yet so abstract that they are unlikely to ever be found or considered. Yet they are simple root factors that spell the end of governments before any imagine, a kind of snowball effect……one day theresa mays government will be fine, the next, after brexit in may/june, and certainly otherwise, something never considered will happen, the worst case scenario being unprecedented in British history, the best case, being a new political party suddenly coming into power from nowhere at a rate undreamt of, other alternatives just increase the final effect, such as a switch to Corbyn, making it more devastating.
The next few months for Europe, depend upon both of these to an extent, and the EU’s interactions could be very unexpected for the EU and more so the USA. An effect of the EUs own making, since badly handling Brexit, that may hurt it a lot, nothing to do with the UK as such, but a kind of reaction that damages itself, caused by attitudes, not by trade or UK-EU changes or interactions, something internal.
The EU’s future is different from what people may imagine…..think 2 steps ahead.
The thing is, deep down, everyone wants the same thing, but the UK and USA’s directions may seem opposed to others, yet these are the symptoms of the unifying desire of all, its just this desire may manifest itself in different ways depending upon the most obvious way to achieve them through voting.
The desire isnt even stopping immigration, however, that seems to be the fix that logically could work, so people can focus on it.
The desire is a desire that has had no previous incarnation, name, or discussion, and is not at all obvious, but when it is explained it becomes ridiculously obvious, in a how did noone mention this before way. It is new, imagine nudges before nudges, you dont think you need anything because you know what exists isnt what you need. But when you realise, you wonder how you survived without it, and why something so cheap and easy wasnt ever thought of before.


By Jim Cook of UK ThinkTank .com


Author: A U.K. Think Tank

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