Trump & Brexit Analysts Wrong

Trump voters are less educated, white racist, sexists who shouldnt have a vote?

Brexit voters are less well educated, racist nationalists?


Russia changed votes? No! If the media had leaked E-mails, there would be no problem.  No extra votes were entered, or people were mindwashed.  Voters still voted based on facts and arrived at a result.  Its easy if you don’t agree with a result to simplify your opponents, and their motivations, and its easy to assume that it was not what should have happened and polluted, but there was no manipulation of actual votes. Often things have a way of doing the opposite, and making Trump win in polls before the election would have possibly resulted in a lose by motivating more opposition voters, as more Trump and less opposition were because the polls fell the other way before.

Someone that doesnt agree with your well considered, well thought out opinion must obviously be more stupid and wrong.  This is dangerous, because now right wing parties in Europe compare themselves and quote Brexit because they assume it was purely about immigration for everyone.  Did anyone vote for Brexit where immigration wasnt their reason?

Sure, I did, and a lot of other people did that I know, infact immigration was never discussed in any of my conversations.   I was close on staying and going, not brave enough to have my vote causing a leave if it went wrong and it was me responsible, yet not happy voting to stay amd leave things to continue as they were without scaring the EU into change.   My decision was so balanced that the tiniest little comments were enough to push it one way or the other, and this was the same for most people I know and consider balanced.  It was a huge responsibility and you could see by the polls that oscillated daily from stay to go or back.  Im not happy with the direction the EU is going, but maybe not so much to leave yet.  So when MEPs spoke about preventing referendums even casually, it would force my answer towards leave now as if maybe it being too long and too hard to leave again if asked again.

Did anyone vote for something they didnt want?  Sure, i think it was a huge factor in Brexit.  But then afterwards, it seemed maybe that the EU looked less safe than before.

The whole U.K. said the same and almost in identicle proportions, almost 50% said  “we have severe reservations about the direction the EU is going”,  and I think that is what many wanted to say.

There is so much talk that Scotland didnt vote to leave.

The media concentrate on this when we all were saying exactly the same thing.

We all agreed so amazingly closely as a country, that it shows how similar all of our concerns are, as the percentages varied by no more less than 15.3% across all of  Scotland, London, N.I., Wales, England.

It shows how closely we all are in agreement and that we are so similar that our thoughts and concerns are expressed in the results almost identically.

You think theres no way you would have voted the other way, right??

What you don’t see is that you could have voted a way that seems awful to you.

If i can show you how close you were to voting the other way then maybe i can get you to see what this really means.

You see, its not the answer, its the question.  You have been answering a different question.

Maybe you voted stay, but what if the question was “leave EU and manage yourself from now on, like you always did, or be under EU management a control and eventually unable to control your own financial future, because the country will never be able to change the result, so this is permanent, never will you or what was the UK be asked again. The U.K. will therefore become more and more part of a U.S.E.U.”.  Now, what is safest, most predictable, and best for your country?  When the EU finally collapses, and its army and your finances are not your own,   argggghhhhh…….Essentially, it all comes from a slight change to the question, whether it is the last ever, only question there will ever be, whether it is up to you to get this right for everyone and their grand children.  To be cautious is now to look after yourself rather than go with the unknown.    Well, how long was it until this referendum?  So how long will it be until the next?  Will leaving be possible in another 20 years?



Area Remain Leave
(including Gibraltar)
46.7% 53.3%
Northern Ireland 55.8% 44.2%
Scotland 62.0% 38.0%
Wales 47.5% 52.5%
Greater London 59.9% 40.1%
Birmingham 49.6% 50.4%

By Jim Cook of UK ThinkTank .com


Author: A U.K. Think Tank

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