Brexit/Trump hole to fill

Both are similar.

Teressa  May has a patient public until March that I fear will suprise her then in a way never seen before.

I havent heard anyone really on TV that quite gets it.

She is assuming our old pre EU playbook is fine as long as Brexit is addressed but going back to running ourselves like we did wont quite do it.  It will fix Brexit and continue as we did before but just like we left the EU in place almost.  Its how vanilla it will continue afterwards.  What we need is more than before, and it would be so easy and cheap to do.  No leader will cure it and leaders will just swap quickly as nothing fills the gap.

We have an excellent start after the Olympics and certain other things, but the same medals in the next Olympics or even more will never be as good as the chance now.

I voted leave, then thought  “omg, im responsible if it fails”, then realised we were best off after all as the EU changed, and now just am amazed that we dont take this chance

By Jim Cook of UK ThinkTank .com


Author: A U.K. Think Tank

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