Understand Brexit

Analysts in the media in the U.K. voted to stay mainly, so fail to understand theres anything intelligent about leavers, so they must be against immigration and maybe a bit racist too, and just destructive.

From this most peoples actual desires are not well understood in Europe.

Its hard to see that some grown up thought was involved in most peoples votes.   It was a message that the EU was out of control, a cry for attention, to have a look at the EU and why it was a worry.

All these voters motives were for nothing, because of our own analysts represinting it badly to the E.U.

This was the first referendum for 20 years, the next could have been in another 20.  If leaving is so hard now, in 20 more years it would be practically impossible.  Then talk started of trying to stop this ever again, before we voted.  So leave now or stay forever was the choice.  If referendums were more likely, and leaving was not made to sound unlikely, noone would have been forced to leave.

Leaving made easy is important to keep the EU together, to make the EU seem like it isnt so bad it needs barriers to leaving, and not to restrict the options of its population.


to be continued……

By Jim Cook of UK ThinkTank .com


Author: A U.K. Think Tank

My Blog and not to be taken as UKThinkTank.co.uk's official opinions

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