ai dont read

backwards, and out of sequence

most obvious answer is wrong

compress, expect, predict

leading & expectation seperation

time & space

we represent things with a set of imperfect descriptions that allow us to do amazing things. we have concepts that are basically definitions of the average expected case, and bounds of where the definition becomes out of normal expectations. we then use a definition and where the definition’s mean doesn’t align, we use another concept to explain this variation. Maybe another concept is needed too, or maybe a concept needs a further concept to explain it. When our thing is defined, this new description is a concept that we can draw on again to describe something else similar, starting in a simple way again, with one definition that can be expanded upon. So, a rectangle is a stretched square, a rugby ball, a stretched ball, a bungalow, a short house. now, we have more comprehensive definitions for bungalows etc, because we have built upon them. they reach into many areas. a concept is a bookmark, that strengthens. if we get too carried away in deep thought, we often cant get back to the start or remémber how we got there, yet we know the thought process on the way made sense and our final eureka moment has gone as we try to find our old path. the route was doomed to disappear, we needed markers on the way, but we didnt know we did until we knew it led somewhere, but, if its an area of repeated interest then our own concepts may be the route to deeper and deeper discovery. simple concepts/definitions without assumption, make a note, jump in deeper next time.

try to use 1 concept if possible and a modifier concept or more, always favouring 1 concept over more. a good concept is has 1 or 2 root definitions/concepts, less in exchange for child modifiers. concepts used together at any level should be far apart in terms of connection to each other anywhere else. consider their combined use as a pseudo concept. are they independent? if we stretch and taper, well, the 2 are spatial modifiers, that may need to

concept a

mod 1-main-mod2

mod1,mod2=concépt p12


p12-submod2. =. ?

circle diagram of mod1,2,main and that has mod

concept descriptors….ie. alive,3d,spacial,order,rule,etc

concept xxxx=currént main concwpts to keep state links to



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