Accepting that everyone is a Bully? Power & Sacrifice

The chances are that you are and arent looking properly:

Inaction is joining in, as you are accepting the rewards.  In that you are passively allowing yourself to be associated with the group that is not being bullied, & being distanced from the bullied ‘group/’ which is certainly complicit from their direction on their newly constructed island.

Why does a group need to Bully?

When they feel stressed/pressured/in danger/scared & have no connection.

A group with no reason or common relationship for being is unsettling/scary as we need to specify a groups constraints & relationship.

Creating a nearly identical group with a label seems to solve the problem well, as it is almost the same size too.

The scared may spot a member that doesnt match the others so closely, ie stands apart, and they arent so scared of in this situation.

By not being them, everyone has somthing in common, and their group has a definition, and so, they relax, by thrwing one under the bus.

We learn how to blend in early on, because to stand out most often ends up in being sacrificed to strengthen a group.

Sacrifice! The ultimate Bullying!

The preist is okay if they control it, and safe, and similar with say, the inquisition in a way.








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